ZKM | Museum of Contemporary Art, 09|17|2011 – 02|05|2012

Gallery Education

Globalization, Contemporary Art and Forms of Artistic Mediation. Project Work on the Interface of School and Museum
University of Education Karlsruhe

In seminars and lecture series, students of the faculty of art developed concepts of mediation which they plan to realise with children and youth in school and in extracurricular contexts within the exhibition. Starting out from single works of art and the experiences and knowledge backgrounds of the pupils, individual approaches to gallery education emerge which prepare future teachers for their work in schools.

Teachers: Prof. Dr. Joachim Kettel, Henrike Plegge

The documentary of the single projects will follow shortly.

Picturing the Global Contemporary
HfG | Karlsruhe Academy of Fine Arts

In winter semester 2010, a seminar was held at the HfG Karlsruhe on works of video art, which may be viewed in the exhibition – or seen during the curatorial process. Thus, the seminar should provide insights into curatorial practices, whereby decisions are made as to the formal, aesthetic or entirely pragmatic criteria respecting the acceptance or exclusion of works. Although owing to the restrictions of video as a medium only a small section of the works could be presented at the exhibition, as a result, a specific critical examination of the very different approaches of the international artists towards the medium was possible – a medium, which, for students of the HfG, is an essential part of artistic practices and is increasingly directed at international reception.

Teachers: Jacob Birken, Henrike Plegge, Jörg Stegmann