ZKM | Museum of Contemporary Art, 09|17|2011 – 02|05|2012

Gallery Education

Several artists whose work is represented in the exhibition, and who have taken an interest in the production of critical knowledge and the task of education will also participate in the arts education program. They will lead workshops with various groups before and during the course of the exhibition. The point of departure is the idea that the work of art already offers a point of direct contact and specific knowledge of one thematic area of the exhibition, and this can be considered further and processed as a group in the various workshop formats. In the workshop D.I.Y. Learning – Weapon: Context > Theory > Practice > Reflect (Repeat), the artists’ collective Pinky Show and a group of interested members of the public will address issues of self-education and independent media production in the age of globalization. Other workshops, with Ashley Hunt, Stephanie Syjuco, Nezaket Ekici, and RYBN.ORG, will address such themes as economic (de)privileging, illegalized forms of migration, and power relationships and contemporary art. This will be combined with practices of gallery education and activist practices that will go beyond the space of the museum and the exhibition into urban space.